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Optimization of the thermal load profiles of large district heating networks (application to the Turin network)


Reference persons VITTORIO VERDA

External reference persons Elisa Guelpa

Description The morning peak in the heat demand of district heating networks is a critical issue, as it limits the possibility of connecting additional buildings to the network and use of Thermal energy produced by cogeneration. This results in an increase of primary energy consumptions. A possible way to reduce this problem is to modify the thermal demand profiles of the buildings, provided that this is performed without affecting the comfort. The aim here is to develop an optimization model for changing user demand profiles, which can be applied to large heating networks. The thesis will be carried out in collaboration with IREN.

Required skills conoscenza tecnologie energetiche, conoscenza software Matlabę, interesse per i metodi matematici di ottimizzazione

Deadline 09/05/2018      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA