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Evaluation of component-based and visual testing tools for Mobile and Web Applications


Reference persons MAURIZIO MORISIO

External reference persons Riccardo Coppola



Description Testing tools for mobile and web applications (and in general for applications with a GUI) can be divided in three categories: first generation testing tools, based on exact coordinates of elements in the GUIs, and that are nowadays deprecated; second generation or component-based tools, that identify elements of the GUIs based on some of their properties; third generation testing tools, that recognise elements based on their actual appearance.

Both second and third generation tools have their advantages and disadvantages: second generation testing tools do not implement control on the actual visualization of the interface, whereas third generation testing tools have no control on the implementation of the elements. Both typologies, furthermore, suffer from fragilities, i.e. maintenance efforts that have to be put to keep the test suite still valid when the application evolves.

The thesis proposal is an evaluation of the two techniques for the realization of a test suite for a complex open-source Android application, and the development of a tool for the translation of test suites from a 2nd generation tool to a 3rd generation one, and vice versa.

The thesis will be structured as follows:
(i) problem formulation: tools to be considered, existing alternatives, problems of the testing approach;
(ii) requirement analysis for an application and design and implementation of test cases and use cases;
(iii) development and test of an automated translator between 2nd and 3rd generation testing tools;
(iv) test of the translator on the sample test suite developed in point (ii).

Deadline 12/12/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA