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Dynamical modeling and control of multibody systems with variable rigidity

keywords ROBOTICS

Reference persons ALESSANDRO RIZZO

External reference persons Ing. Giovanni Gerardo Muscolo, Ing. Ferdinando Cannella, IIT Genova


Description Multibody systems are used in different fields of engineering. The dynamical analysis and control of these systems is challenging, but there are now specific tools that can help in tackling the problem. The combination of multibody systems with variable rigidity further complicates the problem, but provides more flexibility in industrial applications. The student will perform a theoretical and simulation study to model and control manipulators (or grippers) comprising a combination of bodies with different rigidity that should interact with the external world.

 Schulz, G. (1991, June). Grippers for flexible textiles. In Advanced Robotics, 1991.'Robots in
Unstructured Environments', 91 ICAR., Fifth International Conference on (pp. 759-764). IEEE.
 Kao, I., & Yang, F. (2004). Stiffness and contact mechanics for soft fingers in grasping and
manipulation. IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 20(1), 132-135.

Required skills - Matlab and Simuling
- Robotics and basics of mechanics
- Other programming languages

Notes The student shall spend some periods at IIT - Genova to collaborate with the local research group. No reimbursements for these activities are envisaged.

Deadline 18/02/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA