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Cellular networks and the smart grid


Reference persons MICHELA MEO

Research Groups ICT4SS - ICT FOR SMART SOCIETIES, Telecommunication Networks Group

Description The research focuses on the possible interaction of the Smart Grid with cellular communication networks.

Smart grids are energy networks in which several small energy generators are installed in the consumers premises and integrate traditional supply. Energy generation patterns change significantly, they become highly time variable and strongly depedent on the weather. In this context, electricity tarif can be quickly changed and adapted to production on a very short time scale.

In this research field, we consider the interaction of the smart grid with a cellular networks partially powered through small renewable energy generators and batteries. The objective is to investigate strategies to adapt the cellular network energy request to the smart grid tarif changes.

The proposed studies can be performed either by simulation as well as by analytical modeling.

Deadline 21/03/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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