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Multi-system and multi-frequency acquisition of GNSS signals

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Parole chiave GNSS

Riferimenti FABIO DOVIS

Gruppi di ricerca Navigation Signal Analysis and Simulation group (NavSAS)


Descrizione The thesis is developed in cooperation with M3 System, a company based in the surroundings of Toulouse (France).

The objective of M3 Systems is to develop a bi-frequency GPS /GALILEO GNSS receiver for use in autonomous systems ( drones,car,trains,..)
Proposed subject:
- Model acquisition algorithm (based on already existing models at M3S) and conduct simulations using simulated signals & replayed signal data files
- Propose solutions to reduce acquisition processing complexity by using synergy between Frequencies / Constellations
- Propose trade-off between FFT & time correlation in order to optimize performances (sensitivity) wrt design complexity ( Hw/Sw partitioning& processing load)

Duration : 6 month /based in Lavernose ( South Toulouse)
Financial conditions : to be discussed

See the attached file for the company presentation

Vedi anche  m3 systems présentation - 30th nov 2018.pdf  http://m3systems.net

Conoscenze richieste Satellite Navigation Systems, signal processing

Scadenza validita proposta 07/12/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA