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5G Physical Layer on USRP Platforms

azienda Thesis in external company    

keywords 5G NETWORKS, FPGA

Reference persons ROBERTO GAUDINO

Research Groups Optical Communication group (OPTCOM)


Description The USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral), from Ettus Research, is a quite popular FPGA-based platform
both in academic and industrial Software Defined Radio (SDR) experimental activities. It provides valuable hardware
resources, firmware tools to interface to an external host and integration with GNU Radio. Most USRP applications
simply use this flexible and powerful platform for baseband to RF conversion and leave any other processing in the
host PC connected to the USRP but, in case of applications targeting 5G NR systems, this approach is clearly
limiting in terms of performance.
An interesting alternative is to put part of the system under study on the large unused USRP hardware resources.
TIM has started to work on this approach with the goal to support measurements and evaluations of NR equipment
and accelerate simulations on NR standard.
The purpose of this experimental thesis is twofold. First, to contribute in building and consolidating the tool chain
needed in order to enable the design of new SDR applications with a good degree of automation. Second purpose is
to use the above tool chain to design and validate some low-level Physical Layer functions of NR User Equipment
(e.g. Frequency Correction, Synchronization etc.).

See also  thesis proposals 2019 - 5g physical layer v1.pdf 

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