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Advanced error correction for RTK and PPP positioning

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Parole chiave GNSS

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Riferimenti esterni German Aerospace Center - DLR Institut für Kommunikation und Navigation Anja Heßelbarth anja.hesselbarth@dlr.de

Gruppi di ricerca Navigation Signal Analysis and Simulation group (NavSAS)

Descrizione Getting precise and continuous correction data plays an important role for precise
phase-based positioning. Usually the correction data are provide by a range correction
as measured by a nearby reference station. These corrections of the reference station
are used directly this approach is classified as an observation state representation
(OSR) technique. This typical real-time kinematic (RTK) method is used by almost all
commercial geodetic GNSS receiver. Another approach is the decorrelation of
different GNSS error components like satellite clock and orbit, atmospheric delays or
satellite signal biases, which are determine by a regional reference network. These cocalled
state space representation (SSR) – technique has the advantage, compared to
the OSR approach that less data has to transmit to the user and the correction data
are valid for a larger service area. However most of the commercial receiver cannot
yet work with these kinds of correction data.
Currently there are some developments which convert the typical SSR-correction into
OSR-correction, so that they can apply by commercial GNSS receiver. This master
thesis has the task to analyses and evaluates the results which are based on this
SSR2OSR conversion by using real measurement data in different environmental
Your tasks in details:
 Getting familiar with the concepts of Precise Point Positioning, Real-time kinematic and
the different types of correction data
 Preparation and realization of different measurement campaigns
 Evaluation, statistical analyses and comparison of different measurement campaigns

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Conoscenze richieste Satellite Navigation Basics

Note The thesis has to be developed in DLR - Neusterlitz, Germany. A monthly expenses refund is provided by DLR. Non European students might not be eligible due to Visa issues

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