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Galileo Second Generation (G2G): Early Warning Service simulator - thesis in Thales Alenia Space

azienda Tesi esterna in azienda    

Parole chiave GNSS

Riferimenti FABIO DOVIS

Riferimenti esterni Company tutor in Thales Alenia Space: Eleuteri Massimo. Massimo.Eleuteri@thalesaleniaspace.com

Gruppi di ricerca Navigation Signal Analysis and Simulation group (NavSAS)


Descrizione Thales Alenia Space is participating to the design of the next generation of the European Satellite Navigation System Galileo. In this context a new service, i.e. the Early Warning Service, is going to be designed.

The technical objective of this stage is to design and implement (in Matlab) a simulator of the Early Warning Service (a new service to be provided by Galileo in the next future) to be used in support of all design and verification activities for this new functionality.

Proposed Activity Path and Approach:
1. Analysis of the current design of the Early Warning Service.
2. Design and implementation of the Early Warning Service simulator (Matlab)
3. Analysis for the dimensioning and optimization of the Early Warning Service functionalities and performances
4. Integration of the Early Warning Service simulator
5. Update of the Early Warning Service simulator in line with project evolution

Vedi anche  g2g early warning system simulator_stage2.pdf 

Conoscenze richieste Satellite Navigation Systems

Note The thesis will be developed in Thales Alenia Space Rome

Scadenza validita proposta 28/01/2020      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA