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how much does it socially, environmentally and economically costly to achieve a restorative/regenerative built environment ?

estero Thesis abroad


Reference persons GIULIA SONETTI

Research Groups DIST - TrUST, cost action RESTORE

Description The proposed research falls into the topic of Rethinking Technology. Research questions aim to explore how much does it socially, environmentally and economically costly to achieve a restorative/regenerative built environment.
While there are many strategies, technologies, and methodologies to evaluate the social, environmental and economic aspects of the technologies on the regenerative built environment, the ideal candidate for this STSM will have to conduct an extensive literature review on the different tools and methods adopted for an inter/trans-disciplinary, holistic evaluation approach for sustainability in the built environment.
For WG4, we are expecting to develop a framework which can serve as the benchmark for the practitioners and other stakeholders in the industry to approach and achieve the desired results for the regenerative built environment.
The technological aspect of this research is very interesting and creates an excellent opportunity to develop a decision making or evaluation tool which can be used based on the data available. This will enhance the adaptability among the stakeholders, which will eventually be the deliverable of the task.
The connection with the complexity of SDGs agencies and their applicability into complex decision-making procedures is also another crucial aspect to be explored in the STSM.

See also  https://www.eurestore.eu/short-term-scientific-missions-stsm/hosting/

Required skills Potential candidates should have familiarity with decision making and data analysis software, machine learning and AI-based techniques, as well as multi-criteria decision-making tool like Monte Carlo simulations, palisade risk software, AHP, and fuzzy logic algorithms.
She/he should also be familiar with Industry standards like LEED, WELL, international living Future Institute, cradle to cradle product innovation institute, BREEM and Green start for the data gathering phase on certified buildings, comfort and post-occupancy evaluations.
Strong spoken and written English is a must, as is the ability and willingness to possibly co-publish results from the research. Applicants need to be able to work independently with regular check-ins and be highly motivated and interested in problem-solving key issues.

Deadline 21/08/2020      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA