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Project Controller for CyberChallenge.IT

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Nicoḷ MAUNERO (CINI Cybersecurity National Laboratory)
Simone SODERI (CINI Cybersecurity National Laboratory)

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Descrizione 1 Projects: CyberChallenge.IT 2020
CyberChallenge.IT (https://www.cyberchallenge.it) is a project of CINI's National CyberSecurity Laboratory that aims to discover and enhance the "cyber" talent hidden in young people aged between 16 and 23 who study on the Italian territory.
The project, now in its fourth edition, aims to identify young talents, offer them a guided training course and, in perspective, direct part of the workforce towards issues of great importance for the country and in which it is known to be a huge shortage of skills at the global level.
As a related goal, the initiative aims to train young people for the National Cyberdefender Team that annually participates in the European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC).
The 2020 edition of CyberChallenge.IT will offer training courses reserved for brilliant students at various Italian universities spread across the national territory and will culminate in the third Italian Capture-The-Flag (CTF) championship in cybersecurity.
The 2020 edition will also aim to research and select female talents, experimenting with innovative forms for their involvement. Particular attention will be paid to high school students, also through school-work alternation courses.

2 Job Description
Project Controller is responsible for working within all stages of the CyberChallenge.IT pro-ject management. Her/his primary role is to work closely with project managers to ensure that all budgeting, scheduling and coordination processes run smoothly. She/he monitors the progress of a project to ensure that it is working within the confines of set deadlines and budget limitations and generate progress reports to managers. Project Controllers also make suggestions for improvements to project operations as needed.

3 Duties and Responsibilities
The Project Controller of the CyberChallenge.IT 2020, will have the chance to play a key role in one of the most important cybersecurity project in Italy.
She/he must complete a variety of tasks, as follows:

- Monitor Project Activities
Project Controllers continually monitor and evaluate each step of a project to en-sure that it is meeting budgetary and deadline goals. She/he reports to the Cyber-challenge.IT Executive Director to discuss the progress of the project and talk about staffing needs, schedule changes, project scope adjustments and more.

- Oversee Project Scheduling
The Project Controller candidate will works in the project scheduling. She/he shall support the Executive Director by setting task schedules.

- Generate Project Reports
The Project Controller will be responsible for creating and maintaining reports ad-dressing all aspects of project development and completion. She/he shall present the details of these reports during group or one-on-one meetings with senior man-agers.

- Suggest and Manage Changes in Project Processes
The Project Controller needs to have the ability to recognize which areas of pro-ject development need to be re-addressed in order to maintain efficiency and cost control. She/he will propose ideas to the Executive Director and the Steering Committee to improve the project schedule and match deadlines.

Vedi anche  https://cyberchallenge.it

Note The thesis activities will be carried out in collaboration with:
- CINI Cybersecurity National Laboratory

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