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Processing of blood vessels echography

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons LUCA MESIN

Research Groups Mathematical Biology and Physiology


Description The processing of ultrasound scans of blood vessels is a non-invasive technique that can provide a lot of information about a patient's condition. For example, the analysis of the inferior vena cava can provide information on the volume status and possible heart failure, with important applications in internal medicine, cardiology, pulmonology and nephrology. Furthermore, the study of other veins (such as the jugular) can be useful to obtain an estimate of the central venous pressure, a very useful parameter in the evaluation of heart problems. At Politecnico, a technology has been developed and patented that allows automatic measurements from ultrasound scans of the inferior vena cava that correlate with right atrial pressure.
This technology was recently acquired by a spin-off (named VIPER, Vein Image Processing for Edge Rendering).

This thesis proposal aims to support VIPER work and research activities in different directions: testing, optimization and application of algorithms already developed in new clinical areas; development of new artificial intelligence methods to support the diagnosis of various pathologies. Interested undergraduates will be involved in a young and dynamic work group, in an initial (and crucial) phase of the spin-off development, which involves many multi-disciplinary activities: from product development to the evaluation of its position on the market, from technical validation for disclosure to clinical staff (doctors from different departments and nurses).

Required skills Good implementation skills in either Matlab or C++

Notes Additional information at the following link: https://viper.polito.it/

Deadline 21/08/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA