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azienda TESI AZIENDA Real Time simulation environment developed with rapid prototyping tool (dSpace system)  PRINETTO PAOLO ERNESTO  TESTGROUP - TESTGROUP
Adaptable Dynamically Reconfigurable Hardware for Space Mission Rovers  STERPONE LUCA  ELECTRONIC CAD & RELIABILITY GROUP - CAD
azienda TESI AZIENDA Advanced solutions for inquiring into the structure dynamics of aeronautic engine components  MISUL DANIELA ANNA  PT-ERC
Analysis of the state of the art about the use of additive manufacturing and 3D printing in different sectors (aerospace, automotive, biomedical, electronic, energetic, design)  MINETOLA PAOLO  Fabbricazione Additiva
Convolutional Neural Network cores towards Deep Space  STERPONE LUCA  GR-05 - ELECTRONIC CAD & RELIABILITY GROUP - CAD
Docking systems for space application  MAURO STEFANO  PASTORELLI STEFANO PAOLO  14-Meccatronica e servosistemi
azienda TESI AZIENDA Gear load analysis  CURA' FRANCESCA MARIA  ROSSO CARLO  Progettazione e sperimentazione di organi di trasmissione, termografia e materia
NEW ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING PROCESS FOR TOOL STEELS and inherent mechanical testing by instrumented indentation test - residual stress measurement  MAIZZA GIOVANNI
Space robotics  MAURO STEFANO  14-Meccatronica e servosistemi
Spherical rover for space esploration  MAURO STEFANO  PASTORELLI STEFANO PAOLO  14-Meccatronica e servosistemi
Study and development of enhanced SRAM configuration memory for the new generation of reconfigurable SoC  SONZA REORDA MATTEO  STERPONE LUCA  ELECTRONIC CAD & RELIABILITY GROUP - CAD
Study and developments of Isolation Methods for Aerospace oriented Processors  STERPONE LUCA  DAUIN - GR-05 - ELECTRONIC CAD & RELIABILITY GROUP - CAD
The analysis of aeronautical events at national and continental level: from the regulatory framework, to the publication and analysis of the European Safety Report.  GUGLIERI GIORGIO

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