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Analysis of a magnetic pickup with hybrid magnets  FERRARIS LUCA
Annealing process of the ferromagnetic powders to improve the performance of SMC materials  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA
Characterization of SMC magnetic materials using a pulse magnetization  FERRARIS LUCA
Characterization of SMC varying the plastic binder percentage  FERRARIS LUCA
azienda TESI AZIENDA Design and development of a data acquisition system for the characterization of a device for the verification of bank cheques  CARULLO ALESSIO  Low frequency measurement group
Design of a testing bench for endodontic files  BOURSIER NIUTTA CARLO  CIARDIELLO RAFFAELE  PAOLINO DAVIDE SALVATORE  TRIDELLO ANDREA  Meccanica dei materiali e delle giunzioni: modelli, fatica, impatto e prove
Design of an axial flux generator for micro wind applications  DI LEO PAOLO  FERRARIS LUCA  SPERTINO FILIPPO
Development of data processing algorithms for sand mass transport sensors  VENTURA GIULIO
Digital Infrastructures and analytics for manufacturing  VINCO SARA  DAUIN - GR-06 - ELECTRONIC DESIGN AUTOMATION - EDA
Evaluation of electrical properties of SMC materials  FERRARIS LUCA
FEM 3D simulation of an axial flux motor  FERRARIS LUCA
Measuring Satellite Communication Performance Through Active and Passive Measurements  GIORDANO DANILO  MELLIA MARCO  TREVISAN MARTINO
Production of an axial flux machine adopting the innovative magnetic materials  CAVAGNINO ANDREA  FERRARIS LUCA
Production of brushless DC machine with new solutions  CAVAGNINO ANDREA  FERRARIS LUCA
Realization of Soft Magnetic Composites coated with the films: study and testing  CAROSIO FEDERICO  FERRARIS LUCA  Polymer-matrix nanocomposites (Alessandria)
Realization of an axial flux machine for automotive applications at 48V  CAVAGNINO ANDREA  FERRARIS LUCA
Study of magnetic materials for use in electric machines: production processes of SMCs  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA  Metallurgy Group; ALessandria & Torino
Study of rotors for assisted reluctance machines  FERRARIS LUCA
Study of soft magnetic materials for applications in electric machines: SMC with inorganic coatings at high and low temperatures  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA  Metallurgy Group; ALessandria & Torino