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Assembling and testing of a bench for power transmission using magnetic gears  REPETTO MAURIZIO  31-Elettrotecnica @ Denerg
Carbon capture (CO2) - experimental activity in a research test bench  PAPURELLO DAVIDE  Energy Center Lab
Chemical looping processes experimental and modeling for the synthetic gas production through a concentrated solar thermal dish  PAPURELLO DAVIDE  Energy Center Lab
Demonstration / experimental activity for high temperature heat storage through solar concentration  PAPURELLO DAVIDE  Energy Center Lab
Design and construction of a test bench for power transmission using planetary magnetic gears  BONISOLI ELVIO  REPETTO MAURIZIO  13-Meccanica del veicolo @ Dimeas  31-Elettrotecnica @ Denerg
Development of catalysts for the selective electrosynthesis of organic molecules from wastes  HERNANDEZ RIBULLEN SIMELYS PRIS
Development of novel sustainable and efficient absorption systems for the CO2 capture  HERNANDEZ RIBULLEN SIMELYS PRIS
ELASTIC and ELASTO-PLASTIC MODEL of FRUITS  DELPRETE CRISTIANA  SESANA RAFFAELLA  20-Progettazione meccanica di motopropulsori e componenti motore
azienda TESI AZIENDA Experimental investigation of thermal recovery using PCM - material testing and selection for cold and hot purposes  PAPURELLO DAVIDE
Geothermal heat pump - experimental application for a residential case study  BARLA MARCO  PAPURELLO DAVIDE  Energy Center Lab
azienda TESI AZIENDA High heat transfer efficiency at DENSO Thermal Systems  ASINARI PIETRO  Multi-Scale Modeling Laboratory SMaLL (www.polito.it/small)
Innovative surface coatings for high heat transfer efficiency  ASINARI PIETRO  Multi-Scale Modeling Laboratory SMaLL (www.polito.it/small)
Investigation of nanostructured carbon materials through Raman spectroscopy developing a new approach  TAGLIAFERRO ALBERTO  AA - Materials and Processes for Micro and Nano Technologies  Carbon Group
Metering of thermal energy: an experimental case study  PAPURELLO DAVIDE  Energy Center Lab
Optimization of electrocatalytic systems for the CO2 conversion to high-added value products  HERNANDEZ RIBULLEN SIMELYS PRIS  AA - CO2 reduction for a low-carbon economy  CREST, Dipartimento di Scienza Applicata e Tecnologia (DISAT), Politecnico di To
Thesis of experimental research on innovative sensors for internal fluid dynamics  DALLA VEDOVA MATTEO DAVIDE LORENZO  MAGGIORE PAOLO  16-ASTRA: Additive manufacturing for Systems and sTRuctures in Aerospace
azienda TESI AZIENDA Vehicular communications on C-V2X: integration of the C-V2X on a first prototype  CASETTI CLAUDIO ETTORE  CHIASSERINI CARLA FABIANA  Telecommunication Networks Group
azienda TESI AZIENDA Wear coating for processing hybrid bearings roller elements  SESANA RAFFAELLA
azienda TESI AZIENDA analysis of metallurgical and mechanical aspects of process parameters on bearing rolling elements  MAFFIODO DANIELA  SESANA RAFFAELLA
azienda TESI AZIENDA modeling of the vibrational behavior of a grinding machine for the manufacturing of bearing rolling elements  MAFFIODO DANIELA  SESANA RAFFAELLA

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