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Analysis of a magnetic pickup with hybrid magnets  FERRARIS LUCA
azienda TESI AZIENDA Analysis of production process in the food industry  MAURO STEFANO  14-Meccatronica e servosistemi
Analysis of the state of the art about the use of numerical simulation for the 3D printing process  MINETOLA PAOLO  Fabbricazione Additiva
Annealing process of the ferromagnetic powders to improve the performance of SMC materials  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA
Characterization of SMC varying the plastic binder percentage  FERRARIS LUCA
Characterization of bonded magnets modifying the percentage plastic binder  FERRARIS LUCA
esteroTESI ALL'ESTERO Design and fabrication of multimaterial optical fibres for advanced photonics and biomedical applications  JANNER DAVIDE LUCA  MILANESE DANIEL  AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites
Design of an axial flux generator for micro wind applications  DI LEO PAOLO  FERRARIS LUCA  SPERTINO FILIPPO
Effect of the scanning strategy on the additive manufacturing direct energy deposition process  AVERSA ALBERTA  LOMBARDI MARIANGELA  AA - Addtive manufact
azienda TESI AZIENDA Innovative methods for non-destructive control of laser welding  GALETTO MAURIZIO  GENTA GIANFRANCO  Ingegneria della qualità
azienda TESI AZIENDA Micro-hardness mapping: experimental correlation with fatigue life  GENTA GIANFRANCO  Ingegneria della qualità
Production of an axial flux machine adopting the innovative magnetic materials  CAVAGNINO ANDREA  FERRARIS LUCA
Production of brushless DC machine with new solutions  CAVAGNINO ANDREA  FERRARIS LUCA
Realization of Soft Magnetic Composites coated with the films: study and testing  CAROSIO FEDERICO  FERRARIS LUCA  Polymer-matrix nanocomposites (Alessandria)
Realization of an axial flux machine for automotive applications at 48V  CAVAGNINO ANDREA  FERRARIS LUCA
Realization of the magnets used at the temperatures up to 200 °C  FERRARIS LUCA
Recycling of Rare Earth  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA  Metallurgy Group; ALessandria & Torino
azienda TESI AZIENDA Simulation of cold deformation processes of metallic materials and relative experimental validation  GALETTO MAURIZIO  GENTA GIANFRANCO  Ingegneria della qualità
Study of compositions and evaluation of losses of SMC materials through morphological analysis as function of granulometry  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA  Metallurgy Group; ALessandria & Torino
Study of magnetic materials for use in electric machines: production processes of SMCs  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA  Metallurgy Group; ALessandria & Torino
Study of rotors for assisted reluctance machines  FERRARIS LUCA
Study of soft magnetic materials for applications in electric machines: SMC with inorganic coatings at high and low temperatures  ACTIS GRANDE MARCO  FERRARIS LUCA  Metallurgy Group; ALessandria & Torino

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