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Laser green manufacturing


Descrizione Laser materials processing is one the most rapidly growing technological sectors, having doubled its value in the last four years becoming the largest share of the laser market. This application is currently largely dominated by fiber lasers, but the new emerging technology of high-power blue diode lasers has the potential to bring a paradigm shift like that brought about some years ago by fiber lasers themselves. This statement is rooted in the physics of laser-matter interaction, for which the absorption of the most common materials including organic materials and metals increases as wavelength shortens. Working in higher absorption conditions is important to improve the energy efficiency but becomes fundamental for some materials of increasing importance (e.g., copper, aluminum, and some polymers) for which current processing with NIR lasers leads to poor quality results.
If you choose a thesis on this topic you will be part of a group working on the development of record brightness blue laser sources and on demonstrating their use in new manufacturing fields. Depending on your interests and the specific moment in which your activity will be carried out, you will have the possibility to contribute to one of the following sub-themes:
i) Design and characterization of high-power multi-emitter blue diode laser modules for innovative materials processing.
ii) Development of energy efficient laser welding and additive manufacturing processes for highly reflecting metals.
iii) Direct laser marking with blue lasers to help reducing plastic use and improve its recycling.

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