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Components for high-power lasers


Descrizione High power lasers typically require non-off-the-shelf components because of the necessity of optimizations depending on the architecture and its specific implementation. Moreover, it should be considered that the current trend is towards dynamically reconfigurable systems, possibly empowered by AI techniques to optimize the performance in real-time depending on the instantaneous process outcomes. All this means that ad-hoc components and systems must be developed and, in turn, this requires that also new design and simulation methods.
If you choose a thesis on this topic you will be part of a group working on the development of new components for high-power lasers. Depending on your interests and the specific moment in which your activity will be carried out, you will have the possibility to contribute to one of the following sub-themes:
i) Development of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) for high-power lasers.
ii) Development of design tools for the efficient study of components in terms of vector beams.
iii) Development of microstructured fiber based beam delivery systems.

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