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Light healing tools


Descrizione The possibility of using light in treating illness has been known for thousands of years. For example, the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used sunlight as a therapy. However, only with the invention of the laser a giant leap forward occurred. Indeed, lasers have found many applications in medicine, often resulting to be more effective than conventional treatment methods with many advantages that include less blood loss, more accurate removal of unwanted tissue, shorter operating time and less postoperative pain. For example, lasers are now widely used in dermatology and ophthalmologist; actually, a famous dermatologist in an interview said: “You can’t really practice dermatology now without access to lasers”. Lasers (and other optical sources such as SLED) are now finding many other applications, not limited to surgery: think for example to the NIRS used in diagnostics or to the Photo-Dynamic Therapy (PDT).
If you choose a thesis on this topic you will be part of a group working on the development of new laser sources for biomedical applications, including surgery, PDT and sanification. Depending on your interests and the specific moment in which your activity will be carried out, you will have the possibility to contribute to one of the following sub-themes:
i) Development of prediction tools for tumor laser ablation procedures.
ii) Development of light tools for PDT and sanification.
iii) Development of diode-pumped visible lasers for medical applications.

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