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Implementing EnergyPlus multi-simulation optimiser facilities in PREDYCE

Reference persons GIACOMO CHIESA

External reference persons Francesca Fasano, Paolo Grasso

Description Dynamic energy simulations and white box modelling are important issues in supporting energy/thermal analyses on buidlings and building behaviours. Differently by traditional approaches based on single simulation runs, new tools are under development to manage massive parametric simulation approaches to optimise building and system control choices in the built environment. Among them the PREDYCE tool, under development by the POLITO research group proposing this thesis, is able to automatically manage EnergyPlus input changes, run parallel simulations and support multi-output analyses for different purposes, from hourly energy behaviours under standard conditions and operational ones, to find optimal conditions fixing given set of target KPIs' values. The tool development is part of two H2020 projects. The thesis is localized inside these research actions with the aim to include in the PREDYCE tool basic optimisation algorithms supporting structured approaches to identify and reach optimal simulation-input cases according to specific requirements on the base of obtained simulation output performances. The thesis may also include the integration of surrogate modelling libraries to suggest control actions under forecasted weather conditions. Different optimisation scenarios are expected to be evaluated, includign comparision with other approaches adopted in literature and other tools.

Required skills python coding (medium to advanced knowledge) or other coding language with open mind to pass to python coding; optimisation algorithms (e.g. genetic algorithms) (very welcome); EnergyPlus or correlated interfaces (very welcome)

Deadline 14/12/2022      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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