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Virtual humans and their applications

azienda Thesis in external company    


Research Groups GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Description Virtual humans (or digital humans) are simulations of human beings on computers, which are considered today a kind of commodity in movies, video games and the entertainment domain in general. In fact, virtual humans are getting commonplace in various industries and domains, from medicine, to film, fashion, education, furniture, automobile, telecommunications, etc. Depending on the application, various level of realisms might be needed.

A medical application requires an exact simulation of specific internal organs or of human emotional states; an education or a cultural heritage application requires effective communication/storytelling abilities to effectively deliver the intended content; the film industry requires extremely pleasant appearances, as well as natural movements and expressions; ergonomic studies, like clothing applications, require faithful body proportions, realistic locomotion, etc.

The research domain of virtual humans is concerned with their representation, movement and behavior, and is addressing related challenges through a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses, among others, computer graphics, computer animation, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

The aim of this thesis is to explore possible methods and tools for the creation of virtual humans that can be used in different projects currently managed by VR@POLITO.

In particular, achievements of this thesis could be experimented, e.g.:

- in VR and AR tools for virtual visits being created for the Egyptian Museum and the Museum of Oriental Art;
- in a VR application being developed for the Turin City Libraries (in the context of a project funded by TIM);
- in VR and AR applications for the virtual try-on in the fashion context to be developed in collaboration with Reply;
- in VR applications being created in collaboration with OntarioTech university (Ontario, Canada) to support training in the medical domain.

Depending on the domain, the thesis can be carried out either in collaboration with a company, as a thesis at Politecnico di Torino or even as a thesis abroad in a foreign university.

See also  http://grains.polito.it/work.php

Deadline 24/03/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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