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Generalised analytical formulation for non-linear viscous damping, with applications in structural engineering.

Reference persons CECILIA SURACE

External reference persons Dr. Marco Civera DISEG Politecnico di Torino e Prof. Alice Cicirello University of Delft.


Description The objective of the thesis is the exact analytical definition of the non-linear component of viscous damping in structures for civil use.
Specifically, starting from the generalised formulation for the amplitude of the structural dynamic response, the student will have to develop the equivalent formulation for the phase of the same, also through the use of the Wolfram Mathematica software.
The formulation will then be verified on experimental case studies carried out in collaboration with the University of Delft (NL).

Required skills Preferably some knowledge of wolfram mathematica

Notes Average required : >= 28/30

Deadline 04/04/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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