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Energy diagnosis and refurbishment of tertiary buildings

Reference persons MARCO CARLO MASOERO

Description The thesis concerns the energy refurbishment program of ARPA Piemonte (Regional Environmental Protection Agency) buildings. The following activities are foreseen:
Analysis of the applicable legal framework.
Definition of the working methodology and of the HW and SW instruments to be employed.
Raccolta ed esame della documentazione progettuale della sede selezionata, relativa a edificio e impianti.
Execution of the site survey of the building to be analyzed.
Collection and processing of the energy consumption data (electrical and fuels), obtained from energy utility bills and from ad-hoc meters (If present).
Construction of a numerical simulation model of the thermal behavior of the building using the Design Builder Energy Plus SW package.
Definition of the energy refurbishment measures to be applied to the building envelope and to the technical systems and estimation of the expected energy savings.
It is possible to couple the thesis with an internship at ARPA Piemonte.

Deadline 28/04/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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