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Machine Vision for precision agriculture

azienda Tesi esterna in azienda    


Riferimenti esterni Dr. Luca Bagatin (luca.bagatin@roj.com)

Descrizione Pneumatic precision vegetable planters are agricultural implements used to deposit vegetable seeds, such as carrots, onions, rucola, etc. at a prescribed distance on the ground.
The accuracy of the distribution and, consequently, the yield of the process are directly linked on how well the seed distribution unit settings, which are manually set by the operator, based on her experience.

The goal of the thesis is to develop an advanced camera sensor, which uses machine vision algorithm to detect the quality of seed distribution and help the operator tasks.
The algorithm shall run on an embedded controller hardware, hence optimisation of algorithms to adapt to a limited resource and performance processors shall be considered.
Real-life test cases and all necessary mechanical parts and target hardware will be available to acquire data, test and validate the solution throughout the project duration.

The solution shall also include the evaluation and the use of machine learning algorithms to solve the tasks.

The thesis shall be carried out at ROJ company offices in Biella (Italy)
Due to its cross-functional domain, the thesis could potentially be carried out by two candidates with complementary competences
A typical duration of 6 months is foreseen for this thesis

Conoscenze richieste Required knowledge: computer vision algorithms, basic knowledge of Python/microPython programming languages. Edge computing

Scadenza validita proposta 03/06/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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