Ricerca CERCA

Development of AI module for neural decoding/stimulation encoding in the context of B-Cratos project


Description The work fits in the context of the B-Cratos H2020-FET project (https://www.b-cratos.eu), where a machine learning-based methodology is being developed to translate electric signals recorded by brain-implanted electrodes, into meaningful commands for a robotic hand, while tactile feedback from an electronic skin is sent back to the brain to provide sensory stimulation.
Several sub-topics are available to explore depending on the interests of the candidate, the details of each can be further discussed after a first contact:
Decoding of neural signals recorded from intra-cortical brain implants with deep learning and reinforcement learning
Deployment of deep learning models on low-power hardware
Development of the low-level code for the acquisition of the tactile feedback
The duration of the thesis work is expected to be around 9 months, adjustable based on the specific needs and skills.
Send CV to paolo.viviani@linksfoundation.com specifying the thesis code and title.

Deadline 01/11/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA