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Applications of image correlation methods in the field of fracture mechanics

Reference persons PAOLO MATTEIS


Description Digital image correlation (DIC) techniques are based on examining optical images acquired during the plastic deformation of specimens whose surface has previously been painted with a high-contrast pattern. By comparing successive images, with suitable algorithms, it is possible to determine the deformation field of the observed surface.
During the thesis, these techniques will be applied for the analysis of pre-cracked metal samples subjected to fracture mechanics tests and the obtained strain fields will be processed in order to determine the Rice integral (J) and/or other parameters of interest in the same mechanical tests. Finally, the results obtained will be compared with the values of the same parameters, calculated conventionally (according to international standards), in order to evaluate the feasibility and practical convenience of image correlation techniques in this field.

Deadline 30/06/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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