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A Mobile App for Remote Telepathology

estero Thesis abroad

Reference persons GUIDO MARCHETTO

External reference persons Prof. Flavio Esposito - St. Louis University, USA


Description Telepathology is the practice of digitizing histological or macroscopic tissue images based on a glass slide for transmission along telecommunication pathways for diagnosis, consultation, or continuing medical education. In the majority of non-trivial pathology cases, pathologists ask for second opinions from nearby experts by physically carrying glass specimens to them, in order to minimize the response time and the probability of incorrect assessments.
However, in situations where experts are not nearby, especially in underserved geographical areas, pathologists should have remote access to difficult case assessments via telepathology. Today however, telepathology is practically unused for applications that would need it the most: fast and reliable consultations as well as multi-students live teaching sessions. Pathology is nowadays mostly taught via offline methods or via one-to-one mentor-student specimen analysis.
In this project, the student will develop a mobile app (no prior knowledge on mobile programming is required) to remotely recreate the effect of a microscope locally handled. The app will allow multiple pathologists around the world to collaborate on non-trivial diagnoses. We already have a desktop version of the app: https://live-micro.gitlab.io/

Deadline 01/12/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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