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Comparison of alternative steels and sheet forming processes for making automotive parts

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons PAOLO MATTEIS

External reference persons J. Lamontanara, Head of R&D and Material Management, MA srl, Rivoli (TO)

Description In the thesis work, different types of high-strength steel, all produced in sheet form, and different forming processes, will be compared for the manufacture of an anti-intrusion bar for automotive use, with the ultimate aim of identifying the most convenient process, in function of both the cost and environmental impact of the production process, and the mass and performance of the finished component. In particular, both a hot stamping process, with quenching in the mold, applied to a steel of the 22MnB5 or 38MnB5 type or similar, and a cold forming process (drawing or rolling), applied to a ferritic-martensitic steel of the DP1000 type or similar, or to a martensitic steel of the MS1500 or MS1700 type or similar, will be considered. For these purposes it will be possible to carry out surveys and measurements at the production plants during the manufacture of prototypes and it will be possible to make use of different methods of characterization of materials in the laboratory, including both mechanical tests and metallographic tests; a life cycle analysis will also be carried out.
The work will mainly take place in the research and development laboratories of the MA srl company in its headquarters in Via Pavia 65 in Rivoli (To); it will also be possible to carry out some experimental activities at other production plants of the same company. The thesis could be combined, upon request by the student, with an internship on a similar subject at the same company.

Deadline 29/03/2023      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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