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Open Smart Home Gateway Based on Matter Protocol

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons LUIGI DE RUSSIS

Research Groups DAUIN - GR-10 - Intelligent and Interactive Systems - e-LITE


Description The objective of the thesis is to develop a smart home gateway - implemented on a low-cost single board computer (e.g., a raspberry PI, Odroid, etc.) equipped with the needed additional plugin components, e.g., radio interfaces, touchscreen, etc. - which will allow the management of Matter-compatible devices. This will be obtained by selecting the most suitable HW configuration and extending available open-source software framework for the gateway, which enable the full integration, configuration and management of Matter devices.
* The candidate will study the Matter protocol specification and its available documentation to define the requirements against the gateway.
* The candidate will define the HW and SW system specification, based on the identified requirements.
* The candidate will investigate the state-of-the-art to identify possible open-source IoT HW and SW framework to exploit and extend, among the available ones (e.g., Home Assistant, OpenHab), to fully support Matter devices at gateway level, also taking care of the user interface to control the gateway settings.
* The candidate will implement and deploy the developed software components to test the whole gateway solution in a simple demo scenario.

See also  matter thesis proposal_shared.pdf 

Required skills Knowledge of Java/Python programming languages.
Knowledge of networking and communication protocols.
Knowledge of front-end technologies and Linux OS will be considered a plus.
Proactive mindset, problem-solving oriented.

Notes The candidate will be supervised by external advisors from Teoresi S.p.A and Fondazione LINKS.

Deadline 02/02/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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