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Feasibility study for the development of a dedicated display for motorcycles compatible with Car Play and Android Auto

azienda Thesis in external company    


Reference persons DARIO ANTONELLI


Description Introduction:
The use of infotainment systems while driving has become increasingly popular and indispensable for many motorists. In response to this trend, many automobile manufacturers have introduced infotainment systems to the market that allow you to access various applications and useful features while driving. However, these systems are only available for high-end vehicles, leaving motorcycle drivers without access to the same features.

Objective of the thesis:
The aim of the thesis is to conduct a feasibility study for the development of a dedicated display for motorcycles compatible with Car Play and Android Auto, capable of providing the same functionalities available in high-end car infotainment systems.

The feasibility study will focus on three main aspects: the technical feasibility, the price position and the market analysis. Technical feasibility will be assessed by analyzing system compatibility with Car Play and Android Auto devices, display size and design, power requirements and road safety regulations. The price position will be determined by looking at manufacturing and marketing costs, as well as the price of similar products already on the market. Market analysis will include research and analysis of competitors, market trends and consumer needs.

Planned activities:
1. Market analysis of similar Aftermarket products
2. Potential placement
3. Study of the business case considering variables of piece price / volumes / markets / depreciation
4. Review of the project on what has been identified and on the impacting variables
5. Curvature of specifications/product on each market
6. Identification of sales channels and timing
7. Depreciation curve and cash flow analysis
Expected results:
The thesis will produce a detailed report on the feasibility of the project, including a recommendation on the price position and marketing strategy for the distribution of the product in the market. Furthermore, the thesis will produce a working prototype of the display and a plan for its implementation.

Type of candidate:
1. Business management skills
2. Electronics and sw skills
3. Curiosity and intelligence
4. Ability to create a business case

Required skills Business management
Embedded systems

Notes The thesis will take place at the IACS-CONSULTING

Deadline 08/03/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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