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Bioinformatics methods applied to the development of biotechnological processes oriented to the valorisation of wastes


Reference persons ANGELA RE


Description Transitioning from a heavily fuel reliant economy to a sustainable future is one of the major challenges of our time. Captured CO2 can be profitably employed into a wide variety of potential applications that can safely sequester hopefully decisive quantities of it from the atmosphere, while also displacing fossil fuels as a raw material in alternative production models. Nature displays an enormous diversity of microorganisms which fix CO2 and transform it into chemicals and materials. However, the efficiency of microbiological cell factories in producing any industrial platform molecule is unsatisfactory. Therefore, rational engineering of efficient cell factories is necessary to enable the realization of relevant biotechnological solutions. At the basis of any attempt to carry out rationally engineered cell factories stands a deep understanding of basic features of the metabolism of the biocatalysts of interest. The thesis proposal concerns the development and application of computational bioloy and bioinformatics tools to guide industrial gas fermentation designs. The thesis proposal is intended to students having a specific interest for data-driven quantitative aspects of biology, such as genomics, systems biology, and modeling of molecular networks. Activities include database interrogation through programmatic access, biological sequence and structural analysis, omics data integration and metabolic modeling.

Notes propensity towards transdisciplinarity

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