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Bibliographic theses - various topics listed in the description


External reference persons Castiglione Claudio

Description The bibliographic theses currently available are the following:
1. The use of process mining techniques in manufacturing systems
2. Combinatorial auctions
3. Addressing variability in the Buffer Allocation Problem
4. Dynamic and Uncertain Vehicle Routing
5. The economic lot scheduling problem
6. The customer order scheduling problem
7. Addressing Idle and waiting time in scheduling problems
8. Inventory planning with lead time-dependent order quantity
9. Sustainability in scheduling

Developing a bibliographic thesis usually consists of the following steps:
a) Initial literature review, by reading both scientific papers and reviews about the main topic (e.g., “Digital Twins”) to identify more specific points of personal interest that will be deepened in the thesis. This initial phase aims at identifying the main research questions (e.g., “The use of Digital Twins in manufacturing systems”).
b) Then, the main scientific databases (Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science) are used to look for papers about the more specific topic which has been identified. How many papers? It depends on the main topic; usually, a master’s degree thesis includes from 20 to 30 papers.
c) For each read paper, the key information must be collected. The information from all the papers will be used to make classifications, taxonomies, and comparisons regarding the identified topic. This phase will end by writing the central and principal chapters of the thesis.
d) Then, it is possible to write the chapter about the followed methodology to select papers before the central chapters, together with the introduction chapters. After the central chapters, the thesis can include some chapters of discussion, managerial insights, and a conclusion, which stem from the classification and comparison work and the taxonomy.
The effort to make this type of thesis is low-medium, hence usually, around 2 full months are required to complete the thesis.

The theses are tutored by the research group of prof. Alfieri. For more details, please contact professors Pastore and Castiglione at the email addresses erica.pastore@polito.it and claudio.castiglione@polito.it

Interested students MUST NOT submit their application through the portal but MUST send an email to the addresses listed above.

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