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Ultrasounds-assisted real-time monitoring of photoinduced 3D printing processes

estero Thesis abroad


Reference persons IGNAZIO ROPPOLO

External reference persons giuseppe rosi ( University Paris-Est Créteil )


Description The thesis work will be done in collaboration with the MSME laboratory of the University Paris-Est Créteil in France. The main objective of the work is to develop an experimental setup based on ultrasonic waves for real-time monitoring of the mechanical properties of light-induced 3D printing processes. The student will work alongside a team of researchers to design and build the experimental setup. This will involve using ultrasonic waves to measure the mechanical properties of the printed material during the printing process. The student will also analyze and interpret the data collected from the setup using various software and simulation tools.

This thesis work aims to address a significant challenge in the field of 3D printing. Currently, as mechanical properties of printed materials are difficult to predict and control. The real-time monitoring of mechanical properties using ultrasonic waves will allow for more accurate control of the printing process and the creation of materials with specific mechanical properties. This will expand the range of applications for 3D printed materials and advance the field of additive manufacturing.

The work is highly multidisciplinary, requiring the intern to have knowledge and skills in technology, mechanics, and simulation. The internship job will provide the intern with valuable experience in a cutting-edge research area and the opportunity to work with a team of experienced researchers from two leading universities.

Required skills The student should have a strong academic background in mechanical engineering, materials science (polymers), or a related field, and preferably have some prior experience in additive manufacturing or ultrasonic wave technology.

Notes Since mobility to France is required, high marks are preferred, to apply for mobility economic contribution. Foreseen period in France: 6 months

Deadline 03/05/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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