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Modelling long-duration energy storage solutions for grid-scale applications and renewable electricity integration

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons ANDREA LANZINI

External reference persons Alessandro Perol; Silvia Casagrande

Research Groups M3ES


Description This Project will see the Student support the Research Development & Technological Innovation team in carrying out research activities in the field of "Modeling long-duration energy storage solutions for grid-scale applications with a view to integrating renewable generation" . The activities will cover different and multidisciplinary areas, including: bibliographic analysis on innovative technologies for long-duration energy storage, research and development of models for the analysis of applications in real market contexts, such as, for example, the integration and the optimization of renewable generation on the electricity grid. The modeling activity can be supported by tests on technologies available in the laboratory for the identification of parameters useful for such models.

Notes Inizio giugno-luglio 2023. Durata complessiva: 6 mesi (full-time).

Deadline 23/05/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA