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Exploration and Implementation of a PoC for Digital Battery Passport (DBP) System for Electric Vehicle Batteries (Storm Reply)


Reference persons DANILO BAZZANELLA

External reference persons Presso Storm Reply

Research Groups Crittografia e teoria dei numeri


Description This thesis project offers a unique opportunity to delve into the innovative world of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, focusing specifically on the implementation of a PoC for Digital Battery Passport (DBP) system. This system, which leverages the power of Blockchain technology and AWS services, aims to provide a unified, transparent and secure method of tracking an EV battery's life cycle. You will be part of an initiative that could transform not just the future of mobility, but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. The objective is to design and develop an Electric Vehicle Battery passport leveraging the AWS Managed Blockchain service and evaluate KPIs for comparison with Blockchain solution of third parties.

What you will learn:
You will have the opportunity to deep dive into Blockchain technology and its potential applications in different sectors, with a specific focus on the electric vehicle industry.

What you will build:
A simulated data source using an AWS SQS queue to mimic real-time data from an actual EV battery.
A system using AWS services to process and manage the data received from the simulated data source.
Integration of the DBP system with Amazon Managed Blockchain, enabling secure and verifiable data transactions.
A simple-interface that allows stakeholders (e.g., vehicle owners, service centers, regulatory authorities) to interact with the DBP system.
Automation scripts using Terraform to manage the infrastructure of the system.

Deadline 18/08/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA