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Wave Energy Converters control-informed shape optimisation: the influence of nonlinear hydrodynamic modelling


Reference persons GIUSEPPE GIORGI

Research Groups MOREnergy Lab

Description Wave energy converters (WECs), are expected contribute to the clean energy transition. Shape optimisation is crucial to obtain an effective design The effectiveness of the optimisation depends on the fidelity of the numerical model; however, accurate numerical models are usually too slow to fit within an optimisation loop. In addition, it is important to include, to some extent, an energy-maximisation control strategy early in the design and optimisation stage.

This thesis aims to implement a computationally convenient numerical model, developed within an Horizon Europe Marie-Curie project and available at https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4682671, to study the impact of numerical model accuracy on shape optimisation. A simplified constrained energy-maximisation control strategy is embedded in the model. Firstly, a simple truncated cone is considered as archetypal shape; then, a more generic spline curve is considered as basis for the axysimmetric geometry of the WEC.

See also  gg_04-nlfkopt.pdf  http://www.morenergylab.polito.it/thesis/

Required skills Matlab; Simulink

Deadline 18/09/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA