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Biogas deep cleaning: mathematical modeling and validation with experimental data of fixed-bed columns for trace compounds removal.

Reference persons MARTA GANDIGLIO

External reference persons Elena Rozzi (elena.rozzi@polito.it)

Research Groups steps-denerg

Description Descrizione:
The goal of the thesis is the implementation of a model that accurately captures the physical and chemical phenomena occurring during the adsorption of biogas contaminants within porous materials. The model will be validated using experimental data.

Competenze richieste:
Basic knowledge of a scientific programming language (preferably Python), autonomy.

- M.S. Shafeeyan, W.M.A.W Daud, A. Shamiri, A review of mathematical modeling of fixed-bed columns for carbon dioxide adsorption, Chem Eng Res Des 92 (2014) 961-988.
- D. Papurello, S. Silvestri, A. Lanzini, Biogas cleaning: trace compounds removal with model validation, Sep. Purif. Technol 210 (2019) 80-92.

Deadline 20/09/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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