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Decorative chrome plating of automotive components made of polymeric materials

azienda Thesis in external company    


External reference persons Giancarlo Marchiaro, Centro Ricerche FIAT

Research Groups AA - Metallurgical Engineering

Description The general objective of the work will be to evaluate the suitability of a coating process for ABS and PC-ABS resins, completely free of hexavalent chromium compounds, introduced to comply with the provisions of the European REACH regulation. The new process will be studied by comparing the morphology of the surfaces obtained by immersion in the new Cr(VI)-free chemical solution and that of the surfaces modified by the action of chromic acid solutions, commonly used in current metallic coating processes for plastic materials. The effectiveness of the process will be evaluated by measuring the degree of adhesion of the metal coating to the plastic substrate.
A preliminary review of the technical and scientific literature will be carried out regarding the dangers of hexavalent chromium compounds, the restrictions imposed by the REACH regulation on the use of Cr(VI)-based substances, the decorative chrome plating processes commonly used on automotive components made in ABS and PC/ABS and the metal coating processes for plastic materials free of hexavalent chromium compounds.
Subsequently, a characterization of the coated surfaces will be carried out, using an optical microscope, a SEM-EDX scanning electron microscope and a profiler, and athe adhesion of the metal coating to the plastic substrate will be evaluated by using the following tests: peeling test; resistance to thermal cycles; resistance to thermal cycles alternated with CASS test.

Required skills Good knowledge of basic chemistry and the English language, ability to work in a team and predisposition to interpersonal communication.

Deadline 30/03/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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