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Sensor simulation environments for CubeSat proximity operations

Reference persons FABRIZIO STESINA

External reference persons Eng. Antonio D'Ortona

Research Groups 22-Progetto e sviluppo di sistemi e tecnologie aerospaziali


Description This thesis aims at generating realistic synthetic images of a spacecraft in a complicated context such as the space environment. The work to be done will be to enhance and extend a dataset generated in Blender through its python API. A post process editing will be investigated to add noise and disturbances inside synthetic images.
Additionally, if the time allows it, this thesis will push beyond the visible spectrum and camera sensors with particular emphasis on simulation environments (off the shelf or custom-made) for: LIDAR, Thermal infrared, Near Infrared.
A non-complete list of what might be explored is:
PANGU (Planet and Asteroid Natural Scene Generation Utility)
Unreal Engine
Custom frameworks (OpenGL, Optix, etc)
the thesis is carried out in the framework of the SROC project funded by the European Space Agency;
Interested candidates are kindly invited to attach their cv when reaching out;

Required skills Familiarity with basic concepts of computer graphics and some of the software environments listed above is recommended.

Deadline 23/03/2024      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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