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Development of a multi-physical model for the quench analysis in the DTT Toroidal Field Coil Cold Test Facility

Reference persons ROBERTO BONIFETTO

External reference persons Marco De Bastiani

Research Groups Nemo

Thesis type RESEARCH

Description This thesis work is inserted in the international research effort towards the production of fusion electricity. DTT will be a fundamental experiment to test specific components of a fusion reactors in support to the EU DEMO design. DTT is a fully superconducting tokamak.
In this thesis work the analysis of a quench of the TF coil within the cold test facility will be implemented. To obtain reliable results several physical aspects must be considered including Thermal-Hydraulics (TH), Electrics (EL) and Electro-Magnetism (EM).

See also  thesisproposal_quenchdtt_tf.pdf 

Notes Possibility to collaborate with DTT Scarl and ENEA Frascati

Deadline 04/02/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA