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Modelling of a Marine Hybrid Powertrain Prototype

azienda Thesis in external company    

Reference persons DANIELA ANNA MISUL

External reference persons MIRETTI Federico

Research Groups PT-ERC


Description Vulkan Hybrid Architect is an Italian company that is currently active in the development of hybrid powertrains for marine applications. As parts of its efforts to raise the bar in the sector’s state of the art, it is currently developing a prototype boat with a configurable series-parallel hybrid powertrain. The LABOBOAT prototype is in the final stages of realization and a first test campaign is schedule for early Autumn 2024. As part of this effort, the company wants to develop a detailed simulation model of the hybrid powertrain, in order to assess
design variants and test control strategies. Furthermore, the company plans to further develop the simulation model into a digital twin, which requires a dedicated intercommunication interface.

See also  vulkan_laboboat.pdf 

Required skills Matlab/Simulink, fundamentals of thermal machines, fundamentals of energy system control

Notes In the application, include your cv and the list of exams with score

Deadline 19/04/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA