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The role of urban form and socio-economic variables for estimating the buildings’ energy savings at urban scale

Reference persons GUGLIELMINA MUTANI

Description In the past, to make the city livable, the urban morphology has always be considered taking into account the climate, the buildings’ density and characteristics, the type of inhabitants and their social condition. On the contrary, recently in the urban planning process the morphological aspects are no more included even if they influence the energy consumption, the thermal comfort of the urban spaces and the district air quality. Moreover, the socio-economic conditions of inhabitants might strongly affect the lifestyle choice and behavior of building occupants and thus, the probability of success of urban planning measures for energy conservation. The present study aims to: 1) identify the correlation between thermal energy consumption for space heating and urban variables and 2) investigate the role of socio-economic variables in energy savings potential.

Deadline 02/02/2025      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA