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Millimeter-Scale Smart Particles with Integrated Sensors, Position Tracker, and 3D Printed Battery for Liquefaction Assessment under Dynamic Loads

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Descrizione The goal of this project is to explore smart particles for in-situ assessment of soil liquefaction around built infrastructure. Each smart particle is an integrated millimeter-scale device of multiple sensors, an IC chip, an antenna, and a battery. When deployed among natural sands, smart particles move along with the sand particles under dynamic loads and measure the pore pressure, 3-axis inter-granular force components, and displacement of the sands over time. The hypothesis in this study states that the measured pressure and force enable a sound assessment of effective stress path and thus the initiation of liquefaction in a soil mass with the extent of liquefaction determined from the displacement measurement.
In this study, the concept of smart particles will be explored with laboratory tests and numerical simulations to achieve the following objectives: 1) develop and establish a liquefaction-based particle design strategy and expert-concurred critical measurement parameters to enable a mechanistic assessment of soil liquefaction, 2) develop and validate an optimal electronics design for minimum space and power consumption and a frequency-modulated reflection mechanism for accurate particle localization, 3) develop and prototype a 3-axis piezo force transducer, a piezo pressure transducer, and a micro-battery through hybrid 3D printing, and 4) evaluate and validate the system performance of prototypes with triaxial and shake table tests based on the established criteria and the success of hypothesis testing.

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