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Dynamical Modelling and Design of Functional Hybrid Robots


Descrizione The next generation of robots must be able to operate in unstructured scenarios developed for humans (e.i: house, industries, hospitals, urban cities, etc.) but also unfit by humans (e.i.: underwater, space and aerial environment, radioactive zones, etc.). These objectives could be performed by one or more modules of robots than a bigger machine or by a combination of these.
The result is obviously that it is not necessary to develop a complex robot when the same functions can be performed with simpler a nd low-cost solutions, maybe hybrid solutions.
This research topic would like to propose a novel concept of “functional hybrid robotics” which means to develop the novel generation of robots able to perform functional tasks using all the available systems in technology and science. The breakthrough concept is to use not only soft robotics to conceive a robot and not only rigid links, or pneumatic motors or electric motors, but a symbiotic combination of these in order to optimize the functional design of the system; e.g.: If the function of a robot is to go on a planar surface, the wheels are convenient to use instead of legs, but if obstacles are reconnaised on the trajectory maybe a combination of wheels, legs and wings could be used.

Scadenza validita proposta 01/10/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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