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Telematics for insurance


Gruppi di ricerca GR-09 - GRAphics and INtelligent Systems - GRAINS

Descrizione A recent trend in the insurance sector is to shift the focus from standard products, to insurance policies targeted to the customer. An increasing number of companies currently propose to their customers usage-based insurance (UBI), also known as "pay as you drive" (PAYD) and "pay how you drive" (PHYD), making the insurance policies costs vary based on the behavior of the customer, or the travelled time and distance. Telematics devices, installed on the vehicle, periodically gather data on the drive, which are subsequently processed to identify, among other things, also dangerous behaviors. The goal of this thesis is to design approaches to identify events occurring during a drive, based on raw data gathered through telematics devices. Such approaches could be devised by a) exploiting approaches presented in the literature; b) considering additional data coming from other sources (e.g., traffic and weather data, etc.); c) performing evaluations on the perceived degree of danger of a drive. To evaluate the proposed approaches, the thesis student will create a dataset of driving data gathered under controlled conditions. Pre-requisites: management/software engineer with programming skills and knowledge of machine learning and data mining algorithms and techniques. A plus will be some Arduino/Raspberry programming experience.

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