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Low cost 3D printing of technical ceramics

estero Tesi all'estero

Riferimenti MILENA SALVO

Riferimenti esterni Dr. Gurdial Blugan, Group Leader- Ceramic based Composites, Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics, Empa

Gruppi di ricerca AA - Glasses, Ceramics and Composites


Descrizione Tesi presso Empa, Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics, Dübendorf, Switzerland ( 6 mesi a partire da 3 gennaio 2019)

The production of complex geometries in ceramics can be difficult or even impossible by traditional processing technique. For this reason, additive manufacturing (AM) methods including stereolithogra-phy (SLA), which build objects in a layer-by-layer fashion, are receiving increasing interest for the fabri-cation of technical ceramics. The Laboratory for High Performance Ceramics possesses three SLA de-vices with different build volumes and feature resolution. Although producers of SLA instruments offer ceramic slurries for their instruments, new compositions are needed with emphasis on the material ap-plications of a particular application. In this project, we will investigate and develop new silicate and alumina-silicate compositions for our desktop stereolithography devices. Rheology and photo-reactivity of all slurries shall be assessed. Stable green bodies can then be sintered to alumina-silicate ceramics. XRD and SEM will be used to determine composition and micro-structure. The goal within six months is to develop reliable slurries and post-processing conditions to fabricate ceramic pieces with complex geometries and features below 100 microns. Ideally, relations between resins formulation and process conditions with properties of the produced ceramic components can be determined and optimized. The microstructure and mechanical properties will also be characterized, with the ultimate goal to publish a peer reviewed article.

Scadenza validita proposta 30/11/2019      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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