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Study of 3D sensing systems based on Laser, MEMS mirror and SPAD technologies

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Riferimenti esterni Daniele CALTABIANO
SRA | ULPP | Advanced Sensors and Smart Controls Manager
STMicroelectronics s.r.l.
Agrate Brianza (MB) | Italy

Gruppi di ricerca VLSILAB (VLSI theory, design and applications)

Descrizione STAGE opportunity on 3D sensing systems based on Laser, MEMS mirror and SPAD technologies.

o The internship will start practicing on MEMS mirror, laser and SPAD technologies, optical system and embedded systems, then he/she will join the MEMS LiDAR program

o Role may vary upon specific project needs

o The internship can be combined with a master thesis in agreement with a University tutor

o Task examples that can be assigned to the intern are:

Study and benchmark new control and projection algorithm for MEMS mirrors (Lissajous curves)

Study and optimize a time to digital converter for time of flight measurements on a FPGA

Display rendering of 3D point cloud (including 3D data transfer from FPGA to CPU)

Characterization of a new piezo-MEMS mirror

Design, realize and test a new embedded system for controlling a piezo-MEMS mirror

Study of optical systems and SNR from laser output to SPAD sensor

Technical skills:

o Willing to learn and autonomy

o Required skills (mandatory): C, C++, VHDL, Matlab, digital and analogue electronics

o Other skills (appreciated): 3D modelling (Solidworks), optics, OpenGL

Linguistic skills:

o English: mandatory (written and spoken)

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