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Facility systems maintenance


Description The high number and limited size of construction firms operating in Italy, make it difficult to effectively deploy innovations to improve quality and productivity in the construction sector.
The use of digital process management may improve interoperability and facilitate collaboration, to raise job-site efficiency and to rethink some building production processes.

The aim of the work is to study an open source digital environment, where SMEs are facilitated in accessing to relevant process data through an open, easy to use digital ecosystem enabling a loosely coupled digital collaboration, while tracking and notarizing data transactions.

Particularly, the thesis will cover the implementation of a use case to evaluate:
- how can a facility system diagnostic tool be developed linking on-site data gathering with digital functional model;
- how can a facility system maintenance be performed as a collaborative activity with product manufacturer/supplier;
- how can the maintenance activity be notarized to guarantee its contractual and legal significance.

The work will be done in collaboration with professors of the DISEG and the DIGEP departmens involved in the project.

Deadline 31/10/2020      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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