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Reference persons STEFANO TORNINCASA

Description The availability of new manufacturing technologies—combined with demands for greater product development automation, innovation, and throughput—creates both challenges and opportunities for today’s product designers.
Tasked with delivering higher fidelity initial designs in order to minimize the delays and cost overruns associated with late-cycle performance and manufacturability issues, designers increasingly face the challenges of better understanding design behavior and evaluating the most suitable manufacturing approach while they design. Fortunately, CAD-integrated topology optimization tools, such as those included with SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Professional and SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium analysis software, provide a transformational technology that can help you quickly and easily generate the optimized shape for a particular design based on the requirements of its nvironment and the production technique utilized. With the ability to conduct fast topology studies, designers
have opportunities to automatically generate the optimal shape for a specific design; to quickly take advantage of new manufacturing techniques; and to ultimately satisfy demands for greater product development automation, innovation, and throughput

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