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Numerical modelling of multi-phase flows and bubble dynamics


Reference persons ELIODORO CHIAVAZZO

External reference persons Luca Bergamasco (luca.bergamasco@polito.it)

Research Groups Multi-Scale Modeling Laboratory – SMaLL (www.polito.it/small)

Description The dynamic behaviour of liquid foams in confined environments is a challenging topic, both from a physical and computational standpoint [1]. Yet, accurate physical representation and computational solution is key to provide insight on their behaviour (such as e.g. rheological properties). In this thesis, physical models for bubbles and foams flowing in channels will be developed, with the aim to analyse the resulting dynamics under different forcing conditions. These models will be particularly oriented to the analysis of the effect of surface tension on the overall dynamics and resulting instabilities. Then, the models will be implemented and solved numerically using the open-source code Basilisk [2] for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), which is particularly suitable for this kind of applications.

[1] D. Weaire et al, “The fluid dynamics of foams”, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 15 (2003) S65-S73
[2] Open-source CFD code Basilisk: http://basilisk.fr/

See also  cfd-bubbles-thesis-proposal-v1.pdf  http://basilisk.fr/

Required skills Strong interest in computational fluid dynamics and strong attitude to coding is required.
Friendliness with MATLAB and (at least) basic knowledge of Linux operating systems are required.
Entry knowledge of Python and basics of C programming are very welcome.

Deadline 19/03/2021      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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