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Analysis of plants for industrial logistics equipped with dynamic and contactless charging system for electric vehicles

azienda Thesis in external company    



External reference persons Alberto Faveto (DIGEP), Emiliano Traini (DIGEP), Saverio Stefano Furio (ENERMOVE)

Research Groups Gestione della conoscenza nello sviluppo prodotto/processo


Description The thesis consists of a study activity on industrial logistics systems equipped with WPT (Wireless Power Transmission), a dynamic wireless charging technology provided by the ENERMOVE company. WPT technology consists of a track of industrial voltage powered transmission coils, capable of generating high frequency magnetic fields, which are concatenated with the receiving coils installed on board industrial electric vehicles. These, in turn, feed the pack of batteries that supplies the energy to the vehicle's electric motor.
The purpose of the thesis is to develop a methodology for:
- size the number and position of transmitting coils / electrified tracks to be installed in the industrial plant, considering any technical and structural limitations (e.g. flooring with heating systems or areas with particular regulations), and
- determine how many electric vehicles to install,
in order to make a WPT solution economically advantageous compared to normal solutions based on the conductive charging of vehicles, or on the replacement of the battery pack.

The main working tools will be the mathematical-statistical modeling of the logistic storage system combined with the electromechanical characteristics of the vehicles and the related energy systems.
In particular, in view of the technical data on the capacity of the industrial network, the absorption of the WPT system, the type and characteristics of batteries for electric vehicles, and the different battery charging profiles, the candidate must:
- define the topological characteristics and the reference performance specifications of the warehouse;
- define the most suitable shift and movement policies in the medium to long term;
- determine the optimal dynamic routes and missions of vehicles in the short term;
- define a multi-criteria framework, inclusive of operational efficiency and economic impact, able to assess the WPT solution and the traditional one.
- conduct a final assessment on the economic feasibility of a WPT solution based in case of real plant data, provided by the company ENERMOVE.

Required skills Preferential skills will be having a good knowledge of warehouse sizing tools, and techniques for planning and managing stocks in industrial logistics plants

Notes Average mark of exams taken greater than or equal to 25/30.

Deadline 29/03/2021      PROPONI LA TUA CANDIDATURA

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